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History of Journey

Our Journey Pathway is our Primary Pathway. Originally called Finishers, the Finishers Project was launched by Nelson Malwitz in 1998.  Nelson founded the Finishers Project as a national ministry of Walnut Hill Community Church (WHCC) in Bethel, CT. The initial launch was in the form of Finishers Forums. Soon after a web presence was created as a connecting tool. Finishers Project then expanded into four websites, Finishers, MissionXplore, Mission:TEACH and BAMmatch all under the corporate umbrella of MissionNext.  In time this led to the creation of a completely new website for MissionNext with Four additional Pathways to connect with Mission and Ministry opportunities – Journey, Education, IT-Technology, and Short-Term.

Our Next generation MissionNext website will allow for easier expansion and expand the reach of the MissionNext movement internationally. We now have four Pathways – Journey is our Primary Pathway. We also have Education (TeachNext), IT-Technology and Short-Term. The Journey pathway provides a web-based matching service that helps connect faith-based service organizations with candidates from all backgrounds, walks of life and skill sets. MissionNext draws qualified candidates to our Journey Pathway so agencies can fill positions in a broad range and variety of ministry categories.

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Mission Agencies and Ministries – Sign up with Journey – Our Journey Pathway connects God’s people with ministry opportunities. Partners pay a very reasonable fee to post their jobs and view profiles submitted by those who are exploring opportunities in missions. Recruiters can easily identify people with the experience and skills that specifically fit their organization’s needs. If you are a Rep with one of our partner agencies, you can sign-up and affiliate with your agency at no cost to help find candidates. Sign up here.

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How can we find the candidates we need for our ministry?

Our Joruney Pathway helps agencies find qualified candidates to fill their many positions around the world. Sign up your agency, complete your Ministry Profile and post your jobs to view profiles of candidates with the skills and experience needed for your open positions.

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