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MissionNext provides Christian adults of all generations with information and Pathways for discovering and processing opportunities in ministry – locally or internationally, as a volunteer or as a next career, short-term or long-term. Complete a personal profile to discover a wide range of ministry opportunities that fit your interests. Our services are available at no cost to Candidates. Whatever your skills, you can be used.

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COMPLETE: You begin by signing up and completing a Profile. The website will then match your skills, abilities, and preferences with all of the agencies and agency jobs.

SEARCH: Search your matches for Agencies and Jobs to see what opportunities are available.

GET: Get help from our journey guides to assist you by answering questions you may have along the way. Helping you to seek God’s best for you as you continue on your journey.

DECIDE: Decide on the best fit consistent with God’s leading in your life. You will have begun a journey of a lifetime that will bring dividends far more than you could have ever imagined!

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Candidates –  Sign up with our Journey Pathway – Our Primary Pathway connects God’s people with numerous ministry opportunities. Believers looking for ministry positions give us information about their call, and our partners (mission organizations, agencies, and other ministries) recruit for their organizations with that information.

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MissionNext helps you connect with organizations to find assignments in the U.S. and abroad, short-term or as a next career. Choose a Pathway and complete your Profile to receive an interactive selection of opportunities matching your skills and interests. You are in control. It’s free.

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